We are all Martin Luther King
09-03-2021, 11:46 AM
Martin Luther King

We say, we consider

Such fatalities went,
According to their dreams
Like a daydream is hardly a lie...
Such lights littered,
On the sharing arenas,
Such originalities displayed,
On the monuments of courage,
Such glories dominated the creator,
Like eternity….
In order to be with the creature in unity,
Who recited the prayers?
Like an ascetic or pious,
It is to go in glorification of God,
All Clement, the Merciful,
That he will tell his descendants about beautiful stories,
Were to compel
Who knitted on the fibers of the time to waste?
Between white and Negro,
Towards undertaking these memories of storytelling,
Reciprocal or transferred to the poor's own hands before counts,
To be one of them parodies of the universes,
A man and a woman
Which are…
Supernatural slaves
Consolidated by the Gospel
They saw the daytime moon,
And by the Cobras manhandled,
Guided to the deserts,
It’s a Berber mistreatment,
Lowered to the bottom of the sea,
Suffered ... regretted, God asked...
And to him raised their anathemas,
Be careful… be tolerant
Do not hear
Go to depart gradually
Write a poem
Amateur in all eras
Be a nature lover
That you sow the sprouts of roses
And from them we extract realities and dreams
Live with the light of angels
For you to be destroyed by the high-profile exchange
Be free
Kiss the heavenly spirit
Adheres in free convoy ……