we are all concerned by them....wretched
10-03-2021, 05:59 AM

They walked ... hard strides ... on a long journey...
They fell into despair,
That those are obscure,
They have naked eyes, or detained from the site,
And destroyed canes,
They never wanted to know,
And the stories were sour,
And that the latter worked only to dedicate them to the tortures….
Misery censures them on this earth….
They wandered the boulevards
Worry and nightmares;
They cried because of their spells...
Hold on
A flash of light comes from outside,
The muezzin's voice rises,
The bell rings,
The trumpet plays,
You see,
No one is listening,
No one believes,
No one is focused,
They were, the petty people of this era,
They were played by the unclear universe,
They were a goguenardise within the reach of the gladiators,
Add, that it is not about anybody with regard to putting them in his mood ...