.So much for what it is about us
12-03-2021, 06:14 AM
I have a dream

From a warm horizon like the game
Like the waves of the sea and his confessions
Like love and its challenges
Like and the moon sets in order to continue
Like a nightingale flight over citadels
Passing through narrow ravines
But what
Someone wakes up on the beach
Blue sky like wonder
On the quay of life, speechless
He dreams of her, talks about her, runs away from her
Rightly and wrongly
He runs in the universe
To add freshness
He hardly has the audacity to end this love...
O the day still dawns
Let us satisfy in our love
That misfortune is obscure
Their continuity goes in a bad corridor
It’s the end of the speech
And there remains to rebel in love
Otherwise, it means death….