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11-03-2021 04:34 AM

Leave the field open.
Leave the field open.

No noble cries except from this rare people
In a harsh Watan
That the sincere alphabets engendered all creatures.
In our days all beings were
From goal to blank victims by each other...
We find that they triggered ... refused the yes with hoots...
These are the letters of the eternal vocabularies
Turned out that in clear dictionaries...
Yes. Its Hirraks expression again
We are ready to fight for this green word...
That my Bled is rich in cracks and chaps...
And by constraint the Bled is at the end...
So ... this last deicide to come out in other words
Koran flag feather of pigeons
This is the reality of this people ... the people of Hirrak.

05:09 PM.

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