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3rd yearFinal Exam L/P

3rd year L/P Solaj Said Secondary School
Part1. Reading

Read the text carefully then do the activities that follow.
Bullying in British schools has reached epidemic levels. Last week, Englands Commissioner for Children said nearly every child was affected by the problem. Education ministers are keen to reverse the worrying trend, especially as today is the start of Anti-Bullying Week. Politicians are thinking about fining the parents of bullies up to $1,700. Schools minister Jacqui Smith said: This will send a strong message to parents that schools will not tolerate a failure to take responsibility for bullying. Other proposals give teachers the right to restrain students through reasonable force where necessary.
Ms. Smith said: Bullying should never be tolerated in our schools, no matter what its motivation. She added that: Children must know what is right and what is wrong. She said children must know what will happen if they cross the line. She spoke after many recent cases of violence in schools. Twelve-year-old bullies have slashed their victims with knives and used iron bars to beat students unconscious. One child was told she would be dead meat if she returned to school. It seems many of Britains schoolchildren are more interested in tormenting and injuring other students than learning.

1. The text is about:
a) Discipline in British schools.
b) Education fees in British schools.
2. Say whether the following statements are true or false according to the text.
a) Bullying is a common behaviour in British schools.
b) Bullies Parents will have to pay for their childrens misbehavior.
c) Some students use guns at school.
d) A lot of children go to school to learn.

3. In which paragraph is it mentioned that-teachers will interfere to stop violence
at school?
4. What/who do the underlined words refer to in the text?
a)This1 b)Its2 c)She 2

5. Answer the following questions according to the text.
a) What solutions are suggested to solve the problem of violence at school?
b) What do-bullies use to beat one another?
c) How was one of the students menaced?

B/Text Exploration
1. Find in the text words or phrases that are closest in meaning to:
a)Next 1 b) Success1 c) inadmissible 2 d) conscious2
2. Complete the following chart as shown in the example.
Verbs Nouns Adjectives
Educate Education Educational
Tolerate .. .
. Failure .
.. Motivation .
3. Classify the following words according to the pronunciations of their finals:
a) Schools b) students c) bullies d) parents d) messages e) lessons.
./s/ ../ z/ ../ iz/

4. Ask the questions that the underlined words answer:
a) Last week, Englands Commissioner for Children said nearly every child was
affected by the problem.
b) Bullies use knives and iron bars to beat students unconscious.
5. Imagine what A says and complete in the following dialogue:
B:- I intend to study to become a teacher.
B:-Because its a secure job.
B:-Yes, I know, its not so easy.

Part 2. Written xpression
Write a composition of about 80 words on one of the following topics.
How do you imagine your ideal school?
Subjects, exams, homework, sports, time spent at school

Your key pal is coming to visit some historical places in Algeria.
Make a plan to organize this visit then send a letter to your key pal suggesting your plan.

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: 3rd yearFinal Exam L/P

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