Oh, my Dear Precious mum
11-05-2014, 02:13 PM
Oh, my Dear Precious mum

You are the cause of my birth
You are the core of this earth
You are my dear, precious mother
In this world and the other
Oh my dear great mum
As young I didn’t realize
Your big love and its size
But now a mother myself
You are the soul of my life

Oh my dear little mum
My parents, my sisters and brother
Our memories altogether
As alive as books on a shelf
You cared for us more than yourself
Oh my dear lovely mum
Oh, my dear little mum
Your affection is an anthem
I still remember,
My Dear Precious Mother
Oh my dear wise mum
Whenever I had a fever
You always got hotter
And instead of being tired
You quickly get inspired
Oh my dear generous mum
You sang me beautiful lyrics
Then kissed me on the cheeks
Now like you, a grand mother
Emotions make me bother
Oh my dear marvellous mum
How many years, how many times
How many beautiful feelings and emotions
Have you live and experienced?
And to our love you are sentenced.
Oh my dear unique mum
But now so weak and so old
Alone with no one around
Grazing your souvenirs
With your sighs and your tears
Oh my dear miraculous mum
Your heart is all forgiveness
Your gestures are all tenderness
I beg your pardon now and then
Oh my dear wonderful mum
I love you as much as I can
To Allah is all my praise
For my years and my days
For my parents my best prize.
Oh my dear prodigious parents
ثبتوتا الموضوع من فضلكم
بارك الله فيكم