......we would look for you ... Lebanon
07-03-2021, 05:22 AM
We would greet all doctrines with his greetings….
The most beautiful and good greetings for Lebanon….
Be sure and certain that we would hardly seek overwhelming revolutions or coups d'etat ... but absolutely do not let Lebanon and the Middle East fight for peace only and only we should be part of all ...
/// Lebanon…
We were talking about this country whose history is repeating itself ... in short
Today we would invite and remind all the leaders of the communities there to finish this mascara without nominations ... to calm the Lebanese people so much the same characters who governments however we could avoid that by a transitional phase by other faces of these bets who govern but then they should leave other young generations educated and cultivated and educated… etc. to govern.
Yet now you would know invited to bring together the Lebanese experts and scholars spread in the five continents in poly fields and would know how to swear in to be neutral to choose independently and autonomous the most efficient programs you would install them as you would like in a commission or in a government of technocrats.
Nota Bene
We would value roles from within, but he is hardly satisfied ...
The internationalization of the Lebanese question is no longer a solution but a solution is the giant leaps in the integration of the HizbAllah militias into the Lebanese army… .etc.
We would consider any constructive attempts to conclude a congress or a world conference of support and support for the Middle East including Lebanon.

thank you heart to heart
spirit to spirit
best wishes