The Human Mind
15-03-2009, 11:45 AM
The human mind

Intelligence, as opposed to instinct, is what distinguishes man from animals. Man's fertile imaginations, sense of logical organization and endless curiosity have enabled him to adapt himself to the world and to master the elements. The history of civilizations shows the conquests of the human mind throughout the centuries.

Man's attempts to explain the universe gave birth to religion, then the philosophy. The necessities of social life resulted in moral codes. The aesthetic feeling soon revealed itself in artistic achievements. The intellectual moral and artistic preoccupation of mankind were also convoyed through literature, first in poetry and drama – comedies or tragedies. The great discoveries of the renaissance marked the beginning of Modern Times, in which mathematics, physics and chemistry are paramount. With psychology, man has found a way of increasing his self-knowledge. His old dream of conquering outer space seems about to come true.

حيّ الجزائر و اخطب في نواديها***** و ابعث لها الشوق قاصيها و دانيها
شعب البطولات حيّا الله طلعتكم****** كتائب البغي قد قصّوا نواصيها
كتبتمو بالدم القاني مسيرتكم ******** اسأل فرنسا و قد خابت أمانيها
نصرتم الله في تحرير أرضكمو****** فصرتمو قصة للمجد نرويها
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رُصّوا الصفوف على الإسلام وحدتكم** محمد رمزها و الله راعيها

د.عائض القرني