Friendship Test
12-08-2012, 12:20 PM

Friendship Test

You say you have friends, but how far will you really go to help them? Take my quiz to find out if they are really worth it!
Question 1: How many friends do you have? Less than 15 15-30 16-45 46-70 More than 70

Question 2: How many friends did you see this past week? None 1-3 4-7 8-15 More than 15

Question 3: If one of your friends is about to lose his/her eyesight, would you help pay for the operation to correct this? Of course! I doubt it It depends on how much it costs No way!

Question 4: How often do you go out with your friends? Every day Every other day Once a week Once a month Hardly ever

Question 5: Would you die for your best friend? Yes No What kind of death?

Question 6: How many friends of the opposite sex do you have? Less than 10 11-17 17-21 22-30 More than 30

Question 7: Have you ever dated any of these friends? Yes No Can't remember

Question 8: If one of them really wanted you to date them, but you didn't like them that way, would you? Yes No Maybe I'd have to think about it It depends which friend

Question 9: If all your friends died, how would you feel? Horrified Sad Don't care Angry Depressed

Question 10: What do you most look for in a friend? money trust reliability love popularity

Question 11: How well do you think you know your friends? Not at all Somewhat Pretty good I know 'em like the back of my hand! I don't know the back of my hand

Question 12: Answer honestly: Do you know your best friend's eye color? yes no I think so

Question 13: What music does he/she listen to? Yes No Not sure They don't

Question 14: If you had to pick between two friends' lives: life or death, what would you do? Kill one Kill both Take your own life

Question 15: How much do you trust your friends? 0%-20% 21%-45% 46%-70% 71%-94% 95%-100%

Question 16: How much do you think your friends trust you? 0%-20% 21%-45% 46%-70% 71%-94% 95%-100%

Question 17: Do you like pickles? Yes No What does this have to do with it? I'm confused! Ughh!

Question 18: Do you think that last question was a dumb one? Yes Yeah Of course It was I'm still confused!

Question 19: Anyway, do your friends call you or do you call them? I call them They call me Both

Question 20: Have you ever said anything mean about a friend behind their back? Yes No Admit it, you have!

Question 21: Why are friends good? They keep me going They bring me up They help me with everything They are good company All of the above

Question 22: If a friend needed $500, would you lend him/her the money? yes no I don't have $500

Question 23: What if that friend couldn't repay that loan? I still would Probably not No

Question 24: Did this quiz help you? Somewhat A little Yes No

Question 25: Will you become better friends because of it? I don't know Yes No Stay the same We always get better